What is the purpose of a hood Blackout?

Just like the black under Football player’s eyes, the decal will reduce glare from the sun or rooftop lights. The Blackout will also set your truck apart from the crowd!  It’s a great mod for under $100

How long will it last?

We use the only vinyl designed for this large of an area on the hood of a vehicle.  If garaged the vinyl should last as long as the paint!  If you keep it in the sun all the time eventually you may see some fading. Don’t be confused by claims of  5, or 7 years.  Those ratings are not for vehicles, and is not an accurate way of determining quality of your decal. If at some point you decide to remove the decal it will come off with the aid of some Adhesive Remover.

Why don’t you offer different quality choices on Material?

 We only use the best on every order,  Pretty simple

How will my Decal be Shipped?

We ship via the United States Post Office.  Priority Mail 3-5 Days. Your Decal will ship in a 3” HD Tube

How Hard Are these to install?

3M’s new material comes with pressure activated adhesive, and has proven to be the easiest for a novice to install. Please Read our install Instructions - http://www.crawlorado.com/files/vinyl_install.pdf And view our install video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pshU37NCVg. If you are not confident, any Tint or Vinyl shop should do the install for about $40