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5/16" Synthetic winch line

The synthetic line replaces the steel cable for a stronger and safer winch recovery. Rated at 13,500lbs, our synthetic cables are competitively priced to get you winching safely.

Each winch line comes with two 3' sections of Chafe Guard.  One chafe guard stays on the hook end in order to cover and protect the braded end.  The second guard is moveable to protect the rope from abrasion.

If you wish to run a shackle on the end of your synthetic line, choose either a nylon or stainless thimble end. See our Pro Link shackle mount below.

We carry Crosby Hooks. These are made in the USA, and they come with a Safety Latch.

Our Dyneema ropes are braided and colored by our supplier in the United States. We then cut and splice the rope, in house, in Colorado.

Breaking Strength
Rope Material
Dyneema SK75

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