The Dog Bone Recovery loop +
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The Dog Bone Recovery Loop is a new product. Small, inexpensive and lightweight. This is a great addition to your recovery gear.  The Dog Bone is useful in many situations where a shackle or hook will not work. It is quicker and easier than a tree strap. The Dog Bone is a must for buggy’s and expedition rigs.

Recommendation: 5/16" for lighter vehicles and 3/8" for larger trucks. The Dog Bone is available in 3 feet and 6 Feet Lengths. We add Chafe Guard on each end, and in the center to protect the rope.

Many Uses

  • Tree/Posts
  • Frames
  • Axle Housings
  • Roll Cage/Buggy Tubes
  • Winch line Extension
Rope Material
Dyneema SK75

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